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Comprehensive Transportation

A Proposal
James Robert Deal

(This article was written about Seattle and the state of Washington, but it would apply as well to any other city or region.)Our current efforts to reduce traffic congestion are doomed to fail because they are piecemeal. They are incremental. They lack any big picture vision of how any specific proposed building project will fit with the whole or how much the whole will cost and can be financed. They are underfunded and presume tax increases later. They lack a 50 or 100-year plan. They are band aids on a broken limb.
Transportation and transit are not issues that can be addressed one piece at a time or one city or district or county at a time. Even if you complete all the pieces one at a time, all of them jury rigged political compromises, when you are done, they will not necessarily work well together. We must write a comprehensive, state-wide master plan looking forward to what we can have in place a year from now, a decade from now and at mid-century.

Comprehensive Transportation.

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