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Amtrak ‘misled’ Congress on finances – Washington Times

I now interrupt my “real life” for an urgent news update. I apologize for the lengthy absence, but other interests call me away. This will soon be beat to death on all the discussion boards and I will tell you the situation is now dire. You can’t fight facts (although one can hardly call Wendell Cox the “fact man”). Amtrak’s enemies have some real ammunition here, and I suspect there is more.

I am shocked Warrington gets off so easy. The situation is probably much worse, but here is the link.

Amtrak ‘misled’ Congress on finances – Washington Times.


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  1. Bob in MA says:

    This would be of concern were it not for the fact that, according to the story, the misrepresentation took place in 2001, nine years ago. “”This set of events took place almost 10 years ago, and Amtrak worked with federal officials who were fully apprised of the circumstances,’ said Amtrak spokeswoman Karina Romero.”
    This tempest in a teapot will blow itself out by morning.
    It’s histroy not current events and central to the history of underfunding passenger rail in the US.

  2. David Gunn says:

    a) In 2008, when the 20 Acela trains ran nearly full, they produced 25% of Amtrak’s revenue.
    b) In 2000, GDW said the Acela’s would pay for everything Amtrak needed.
    c) Amtrak covers roughly 2/3rds of its costs from farebox.
    d) Thus the Acela’s generate 1/6th of what Amtrak needs.
    e) If Amtrak sold out each Acela at 600% capacity, things would be hunky dory.
    f) GDW died at a smart time.
    g) Everyone who ever ran these numbers knew he was lying the day he uttered them. Everyone at Amtrak sure did.
    h) Making some people in Finance take the fall for doing as ordered seems harsh, even if it is fair.

  3. blondie says:

    Does anyone know where to obtain copies of the minutes from Amtak’s Board of Directors meetings. I would presume they are covered under the freedom of information act.


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