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Twin Cities-Milwaukee-Chicago corridor


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  1. JLeuze says:

    I sure hope they improve the Empire Builder line, a faster trip from Minneapolis to Chicago would be great.

    It’s a shame they had to spoil their video with that cheesy music though!

  2. Frank says:

    The Twin Cities gets cheated with other types of Travel say to Chicago. surely you have the Stupid Airlines. through their is the lite rail that the pig headed bullwinkle guys refuse to used,cause the time is about them, not about the working class that slaves from them. having said that. From Downtown Minneapolis. say from the Gov Center and it is near new hotels in the sky-ways 10 stops. vs bumper to bumper on the Interstate at Rush Hour. and get a load of this. one way is $1.75-$2.25 one way pending on the time of day. and $3.50-$4.50 RT. why would one need a car in Downtown Minneapolis and not use it. Parking Rate. Insurance. Taxes, Taxes and Taxes. there goes your discount.
    say you go the the main airport. you have a long line for post 911 Security. and then a long walk to your stupid airplane just to fly to Chicago. Therefore, if we had high-speed train, then it could get to Downtown Chicago in 6 hours. and that is Downtown to Downtown. not Burbs to Burbs. going to the Minneapolis is fine until the Post 911 Security long line. which is understanding. and then that long Ridiculous long walk on both ends. and then your baggage on the other end. manner of speaking. one lands up wasting more time at the stupid airport, taxing vs in the air, and then waiting for their baggage. meanwhile on the Train. it has more comfort once it is high-speed. decent food. and not hassle. in like kids. I am tall. and can’t sit that long. on the train., one can move around.
    Through the wise cracks I hear that it is expensive to get started, fact. one or engines, 300 people. is 50% cleaner vs; a stupid airplane. I hate Airplanes., I wonder if in my life time, if I will see high-speed trains. this country is back-words. no thanks to the business morons being Airplane buffs. they are the ones that holding up the Ideal for High-speed Amtrak.

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