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Florida’s High Speed Rail Already Running Into Problems : Gas 2.0

Florida’s High Speed Rail Already Running Into Problems : Gas 2.0.

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  1. wskelto1 says:

    People complain if the distance for rail is to far, now they complain that the distance is to short for “HSR”. We all know the arguements about calling trains here HSR in the context of how other countries do it, so no need to re-hatch that argument. Also, Traffic on a good day?? puh-lease, there are no good traffic days around orlando anymore, that corridor is very heavily used not only for trips between orlando to tampa, but a number of commuters use that route to get to other outlying communities along the way (e.g., winterhaven). All projects have problems, do you think the interstate was seemlessly built?? Doubt it. Realistically these projects are establishing rail as a more plubicly acceptable means of transit in the US since the 1950’s post war car “revolution” (?). This will be faster then a car, and cheaper then a plane ticket. I admit there are a lot of problems with the line, but it is a good experiment/ starting place. Faster lines can be installed when there is demand. I know that is incrementalist and a lot people dont like that, but it is where we are politically and realistically. I am just happy to see progress being made, maybe Mr. DeMorro would do well for a dose of realistic optimism. Rant Over.

  2. wskelto1 says:

    Oh, and I forgot, both cities are planning more public transit, so that lil tidbit is being worked on. Check out Transportpolitic’s section Called “projects” or something like that for projects in the two cities.

  3. Allan says:

    You’d get a lot more bang for the buck if you stick to HPR (High Performance Rail – 110 mph) on such a short route.

    If you really want to go fast in short spurts, maglev is the way go. It accelerates quicker. The construction costs are about the same but the operating and maintenance costs for maglev are far lower.

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