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Michigan Amtrak sighting

This came in from a reader on Saturday March 27.

A freight derailment near Elkhart, IN blocked the main there, according to several news reports. I looked into it because of a train I saw WB though Chelsea, MI this afternoon (1:20). This train had a cab/baggage F40 leading 3 P40s and a long train including several baggage cars, 3 vieiwliner sleepers, Amfleet II coaches, and some other heritage cars, then another P40 followed by a string of Superliners trailed by another ex-F40. It looked to me like the Capitol Limited hooked on behind the Lakeshore LTD.

About 10 mins later, the usual Amtrak train came by on its way to Chicago: A cab/baggage/ F40, a string of a few Horizon coaches, an Amfleet food service car, and a P42 pushing. (You can see why the previous train caught my attention)

I thought whoever decided to run the 2 rerouted trains together was on the ball. Unfortunately, some will probably give Amtrak a black eye over this.

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