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Does Amtrak Have a Prayer at Running U.S. High Speed Rail? » INFRASTRUCTURIST

Amtrak has a recurring PR problem. Despite its resurgence in popularity over the past decade — particularly along the Northeast Corridor and California’s Capitol Corridor — it has a persistently hard time being taken seriously. It’s outdated, its inefficient, it eats through cash, most of which comes from the government. And most of all, it’s just plain unimpressive, particularly when reports are flooding in from Asia and Europe with tales of gorgeous new bullet trains and astounding travel times (9 hour trips cut to 2.5!).

Does Amtrak Have a Prayer at Running U.S. High Speed Rail? » INFRASTRUCTURIST.

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3 Responses

  1. Allan says:

    Yuck … Go back to the old style for the page. I don’t like white letters on a black background.

    As for the topic … Amtrak needs to learn how to run a railroad first …

  2. patlynch says:

    Allan, thanks for the input. I have wanted to get away from the lighter style type on the old “theme.” I am surely not set in concrete on this particular style but the end goal is to have a more distinctive typeface that is easier to read.

    Another thing I am doing is making use of a more minimalist approach to quickly adding HSR and Amtrak stories. This gives readers regular updates. Logan and I have been snowed under the weight of school work for some time now.

    I appreciate the input and I also have some things to say “on topic,” but that has to wait. I do notice that TFA just passed the 300,000 mark and your visits here are much appreciated.

  3. I recently went from New York to Fort Laudedale. It was not bad, but there were delays that were probably attributable to freight trains using the same rails. Amtrak needs to be operated on rails that it owns and that does not seem to be a possibility anytime soon.

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