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Barcelona-Madrid Journal – High-Speed Rail Gains Traction in Spain –

Looks like the New York Times caught on to something we have known for years.

Barcelona-Madrid Journal – High-Speed Rail Gains Traction in Spain –

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  1. LoboSolo says:

    Spain’s debt is close to putting it a crisis.

  2. HockeyFan says:

    I am crying into my morning coffee cup. 186 mph cruising = 3 times faster than highway driving.

    Don’t insinuate that HSR is responsible for Spain’s debt problem. That’s false.

  3. Allan says:

    It’s part of the problem as is the continued subsidies to keep it operating. If Spain falls into a crisis like Greece, expect to see future expansions put on hold and fares to increase.

    Here in the US, Obama’s deficits are beginning to make Bush look fiscally responsible which he wasn’t. The budget hawks are already looking for places to trim.

    High tech things like human exploration beyond low earth orbit have already been axed. Don’t expect HSR to survive beyond the planning stages in the near future unless the States kick in a major amount. But then, they’re strapped for money as well!

  4. Lloyd says:

    I’d guess we’ll see some change in attitude here in the next couple of years when petrol gets to US$10/gallon…

  5. JOSE says:

    HSR could be part of the solution.

    Spanish crisis is due a finantial and property bubble. We hace almost 20% unemployed people for the construction crash. In spain The construction sector is 12%.

  6. JOSE says:

    “186 mph cruising”

    That speed is for Very High Speed Rail as Madrid-Barcelona, Madrid-Sevilla-Malaga and so on. The important thing is that the Talgo`s trains can to continue to the next cities using convetional ralisway´s, so that VHSR improve all spanish railway net.

    VHSR = +210 mph
    HSR = 124 mph to -210mph

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