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LaHood to airlines: Get onboard the high-speed train [Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers]

I am pleased by LaHood’s straight answer, and uneasy about what he said.

Airlines should, and must, coexist with HSR. Who would want to fly St. Louis- Chicago? There are dozens of obvious HSR corridors, but we will always fly Chicago to San Francisco. Airlines should concentrate on the core business – and the most profitable.

As to LaHood’s commentary on the President’s vision, pass that bong over here, sir.

LaHood to airlines: Get onboard the high-speed train [Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers].

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4 Responses

  1. Of course airlines will coexist with High speed rail, as they do in Europe. But when the Downeaster started between Portland and Boston, plane service between those two cities ended. Airlines know they will become much less competitive in the marketplace and so they have an incentive to use politics to try and stop high-speed rail from happening.

  2. The premise that short distance travel will replace most regional air service is true, but don’t dismiss long distance coast to coast rail as not being feasible. If we could use Maglev the speeds could exceed 300/MPH. Some people just like trains better and though they would be slower than an airplane Maglev’s are infinitely more comfortable.I know I rode one in China. The ride was smooth and quiet, unlike the aircraft that took me to China.
    Personally, when travelling coast to coast I’d rather spent 12 hours in a Maglev, Than 5 hour in a plane plus the 1 hour in a taxi going to the airport 1 1/2 hours in loading and security 1/2 hour waiting for your bags and another 1 hour cab ride when you land. That’s a minimun of 9 hours and that’s if weather doesn’t throw you off schedule and you find yourself sleeping in the terminal. I’ve had it with planes. Enough is enough!

  3. HockeyFan says:

    I’m liking this LaHood guy. He doesn’t mince words and seems to love his job and HSR. How refreshing! Quick: name the last 3 DOT chiefs? Bet you can’t. They mostly slept at their desks and gave snoozer speeches at airline conferences.
    The airlines needed to hear LaHood’s message. Whining about rail funding is a waste of their time. Redirect planes to other routes and deal with the mountain of other problems their industry faces (fuel prices, labor costs, aging fleets, airports clogged with puddle jumpers).

  4. Allan says:

    “In two or three decades, Mr. LaHood said, U.S. cities will be connected by high-speed rail …”

    Two or three DECADES … over several presidential terms … yawn … We might be back on the Moon by then too.

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