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Obama wants to spend Billions of $ for a defunct train operation

OK, I am a bad human being. I admit it right here and now. A decent kind and merciful man would have just left this video clip alone, and I am a busy man. That is exactly what I should have done, but instead I have posted it here for your analysis. It’s very intelligent and real classy.

OK, to be honest, this guy makes me feel better about myself. Enjoy and I leave the commentary to you guys and gals. Here we go…

Obama wants to spend Billions of $ for a defunct train operationObama has announced a multibillion-dollar investment in high-speed railroads that could trave…

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3 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    I have to say … linking to a wingnut like that just gives him more attention, which is exactly what he’s craving. So I’m not sure it’s all that good an idea.

  2. Woody says:

    And a boring one at that.

  3. C. Marcks says:

    Not only boring, but very innacurate. Anyway, the guy wasted his time making his video.

    Doesn’t he realize taxpayers support the Interstate Highways, airports and to a degree the airlines also.

    A balanced transportation system is essential for America’s future. Yes, trains, planes and automobiles all have a place in our transportation system..

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