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Bloomberg Television – Obama’s High Speed Rail Investment – Brian Weiss

President Obama announces $8 billion in stimulus funds for high-speed rail projects. Bloomberg’s Brian Weiss reports from Washington.

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  2. Spokker says:

    lol potential winners. Flash the stock price. All that matters is whose stock is going to go up. Wall Street should go to Gamblers Anonymous.

  3. […] Bloomberg Television – Obama's High Speed Rail Investment – Brian … […]

  4. Dr. Glenn Edward Roy says:


    I propopose a new U.S./Mexico border region “Free Enterprise Zone”.

    The importation into the United States of concrete railroad ties (a.k.a. “concrete sleepers”) manufactured in my newly proposed “Free Enterprise Zone” within Mexico should not be restricted.

    Such Mexican-manufactured sleepers should be allowed by the United states federal government to be purchased by U.S. public rail agencies,

    and yet not impact those agencies’ ability to obtain matching funds for their high-speed rail projects.

    My better policy would assist everyone on both sides of the border.

    Because of the mandate enforced through the current “Buy America Act”, all U.S. public rail agencies currently are compelled to only “Buy American”.

    I would suggest that if at least a U.S. minimum wage is paid by U.S. and Canadian companies in a (let’s say) 300Km (180 mile) “Free Enterprise Zone” extending into Mexico,

    that such products then could legitimately be imported and sold to U.S. public rail agencies just as if they were “Made in America”.

    This would assist the U.S. and Canadians companies to sell their products to U.S. public rail agencies at a lower price…

    and concomitantly would assure that Mexicans are paid a better wage rate than that prevailing in Mexico for any same job function.

    Such a policy would assure that many Mexicans can stay in Mexico rather that engage in illegal immigration to the United States seeking better wages and opportunities north of the border.

    Under NAFTA, the “North American Development Bank” underwrites low-interest, long-term loans in the bi-national region which can demonstrate an environmental remediation.

    Our “Ferrocret” sleeper project accomplishes two environmental remediations:

    1. Our sleeper plant shall utilize the abundant waste product called “escoria” as an aggregate, thus helping rid the landscape of a visual blight which has accumulated in huge man-made mountains for the past 100 years of mining activities.

    2. The concrete sleepers replace creosote-treated wooden sleepers — which creosote, a potent carcinogen, leaches into streams, lakes, and underground aquifers.

    NADBank is an agency funded by both the U.S. and Mexican federal governments under the provisions of NAFTA, with funds overseen by the “Border Environment Cooperation Commission”, and originally provided through the US EPA and its Mexican counterpart, SEMARNAT.

    NADBank also can provide our project up to US$20 millions in matching funds,

    but the Catch-22 perversity of current U.S. Congressional legislation assists my company on one hand,

    but on the other hand our products essentially are denied by that same U.S. Congress the ability to be sold to U.S. public rail agencies…

    because of the “Buy America Act”.

    Instead, I would suggest that better legislation should be drafted and passed by the U.S. Congress (with diplomatic pressure from both the Mexican and Canadian governments)…

    which new federal legislation would give U.S. public rail agencies the opportunity to “Buy North American” — allowing both Canadian and Mexican-made products to have preference over those sourced from overseas.

    After all, the United States, Canada, and Mexico all share a common land mass and we share a common destiny through the free market created by NAFTA.

    It’s time to end the ridiculous and unrealistic U.S. requirement enforced through the US DOT’s “Federal Railroad Administration” and the “Federal Transit Administration” that all products used in U.S. rail projects be exclusively “Made in America”.

    For example, all rail fasters made by “Pandrol” of the United Kingdom and intended for the North American rail tie (sleeper) market are made in Canada and Mexico — but not in the U.S.

    This also is true of passenger rail electric locomotives manufacturers such as “Siemens” of Germany, “Alstom” of France, and “Bombardier” of Canada.

    This reality makes it impossible to solely source rail products intended for U.S. rail projects from U.S.-based companies.

    I say let’s award the “California High-Speed Rail Authority” bullet train’s electric passenger rail locomotive contract to “Bombardier” of Canada. Let’s keep our Canadian neighbors working too!

    Our U.S. federal government purchase restriction on Mexican and Canadian products is not in keeping with the spirit of NAFTA,

    and that current xenophobic policy does not serve to assist my company to produce our novel products with U.S. government inducements…

    nor does such a prejudicial policy assist Mexicans achieve better wages at home so they can remain home with their families in Mexico living lives fulfilled…

    Instead Mexicans are displaced and emigrate illegally due to poverty and need, and so cause further reason by the U.S. government to make the U.S./Mexico border a hostile place where illegal immigration becomes the reason to forever shut the border down.

    I believe the United States federal government has no uniform, intelligent policy concerning the causes of illegal immigration, border infrastructure decay — and its disparate bureaucracies lack the intelligent problem solving capabilities needed for proper action to rectify these inter-related problems.

    I pray that the one legislated solution I propose will work toward alleviating the disparities which cause illegal immigration…

    and that such a new “Buy North American” policy intelligently enforced through legislation will create a more business-friendly bi-national border region…

    without the current conflicting mandates which can only result in increased high-speed rail project costs in the United States.

    Such enlightened legislation would cause no penalty nor deny equal opportunities to companies receiving U.S. (or Canadian) government financial inducements to locate production facilities in such a “Free Enterprise Zone” south of the U.S./Mexico border.

    Glenn Edward Roy


    PS Glenn is a principal in “Ferrocret”, a Mexican corporation


  5. Dr. Glenn Edward Roy says:

    To the webmaster of “Trains for America”…

    I would lke you to spell check my last two submissions to your blog.

    Also, would you please chane my e-mail for all my submissions so far to:

    There are a couple glaring spelling errors such as:

    propopose (which should be: propose)

    coporation (which should be: corporation)

    I wonder if you would please correct those two.

    Also, I must agree with others who read your blog that the video rant by the Obama detractor is actually very distasteful and meaningless.

    The individual obviously has issues other than simply policy with Mr. Obama and his fine family.

    I respectfully ask you to remove that video forever from your blog for two good reasons:

    1. It is indeed distasteful

    2. It detracts from people who actually have something constructive to say.

    Thank you for your fine blog and your effort to inform the public.


    Dr. Glenn Edward Roy


  6. Dr. Glenn Edward Roy says:


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