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White House to Dole Out $8 Billion for Fast Trains –

The Atlanta Constitution reports some congressman is already griping that Georgia does not get any money? What does he expect? Yes, Florida has a sorry history. Perhaps this will be different. I am concerned about reports from Ohio. 79 mph? Surely that is an error OR there are plans to get those trains up to 110 quickly. I am pleased to see California and Illinois receiving some funding. Nice going MWHSRA.

It’s a good day. Enjoy. It won’t last.

via White House to Dole Out $8 Billion for Fast Trains –

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  1. tobias Buckell says:

    The Ohio system is a ‘jumpstart’ program to get rail back in mid Ohio since it stopped in the 70s. It links Cinci, Dayton, Columbus, and Cleveland together, which currently have no rail service, with the 79 mph rail service of four daily trains in each direction in 2012. The hope is that gets things rolling, and that upgrades down the line with new passenger-only track can allow faster speeds.

    They have a pretty comprehensive site at Ohio’s Dept. of Transportation:

    They’ve been working on this for some 10 years.

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