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Streetsblog Capitol Hill » Four Finalists For White House High-Speed Rail Funding?

Did Mica misspeak? Perhaps. Let us hope Florida gets not one dime of HSR money. Florida politics looks about as backwards as Arkansas.

Streetsblog Capitol Hill » Four Finalists For White House High-Speed Rail Funding?.

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  1. kdub1 says:

    For now, I’ll assume that he misspoke. However, if it comes out that Mica let the cat out of the bag, then I will personally go off in about two months.

    Florida? How about the state leadership getting some conventional service on a consistent basis first? Texas? WTF? SERIOUSLY!? How can they REMOTELY be in the running when 1) their last HSR project was killed off 15-16 years ago and 2) a Texas Triangle project may be much better than the T-Bone Corridor?

    I understand that the FL project could likely picked as a political ploy, but what’d be the reasoning behind selecting TX? It hasn’t been a swing state since 1976!

  2. Allan says:


    First of all, I’m opposed to HSR until we get a better matrix of conventional rain with speeds up to 110 mph.

    Amtrak does serve Florida with several trains and many folks have been trying to get the Sunset route east of New Orleans into Florida restored.

    Both FL and TX are growing states both in population and in their economies. CA is in a mess. If I had to pick out CA, TX, or FL my preferred order would be TX, FL, and then CA.

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