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Infrastructure Politics Veering Right | Autopia |

This analysis hits on some of the reasons I have been putting a lot less into this blog lately. In a nutshell (and I am suddenly struck by the unintended irony of the word “nutshell”) good transportation policy is equal to socialism in the new American political reality.

Infrastructure Politics Veering Right | Autopia |

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  1. kdub1 says:

    Well, it’s a sad commentary when some groups want to politicize the MOST ESSENTIAL things like infrastructure just because it fits their philosophy. I suppose that these people will just sit idly by when the next major bridge collapse kills hundreds or thousands–instead of the scores of people in Minneapolis–and blame the government for being ineffective.

    For me, this is another reminder of how America has devolved from having a can-do spirit to a can’t do anything attitude.

  2. DanCar2009 says:

    So Pat, are you putting less effort into the blog because you don’t like getting accused of being a socialist? Seems like those who equate good transportation policy with socialism have won the fight. Maybe, though, you are not looking for a fight. I don’t know, can you explain better why you are not putting so much time into this blog?


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