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Daily Sunset gets Amtrak Board nod

This item was on a rail passenger discussion group this evening and the source is Gene Poon who posted the item. His credibility is beyond question.

The Amtrak Board of Directors has authorized negotiations with Union
Pacific for daily Amtrak service on the Los Angeles-New Orleans Sunset

source: Robert Manning
Director, Rail Passenger Association of California
President, Southwest Rail Passenger Association

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3 Responses

  1. WMS says:

    on one hand, rejoice; on the other, ’bout effing time.

  2. J. H. Sullivan says:

    This is good news, and those of us disenfranchised former users of the Sunset Limited in the 3rd nation along the Gulf Coast, east of NewOrleans, view it as a miniscule step in the right direction.

    Now, how long do we have to wait for ANY KIND OF SERVICE east of NewOrleans.

  3. WMS says:

    I am in miami, my parents are in greenwood mississippi. If the Sunset was working id have the chance tohave basically door to door rail service….It would have been nice, even if the trip would take forever…

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