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FOX NEWS: Why We Need High-Speed Rail

U.S. High Speed Rail Association President Andy Kunz on the possibility of a nation-wide high speed rail system. FOX is remarkable fair, although they do all hang on to that old “northeast corridor is profitable myth.” My theory is that this item got past the censors because the truck and airline lobbyists have not expressed their wishes to FOX management. Nonetheless, Look for Cato’s paid assassin to appear shortly. THANK YOU FOX NEWS.

Some notes. Florida is in no way prepared for HSR.

High performance rail, trains operating up to 110 mph., may be all that would be necessary on some corridors. The upgrades would assure 90% on time performance. Major improvement. High performance rail is MUCH cheaper to construct than true European-style HSR.

Glad the HSR expert shot down the “American cities are too far apart” argument.

And the whole bunch of ’em could have left the Amtrak whipping boy alone. That gets mighty old after a while. What other government function gets the kind of intense scrutiny and micro-management as Amtrak? (not ignoring the obvious problems)

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