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An application from Washington State

This came in from an alert reader.

Washington state has submitted its Track 1 application for stimulus funds.  A synopsis can be seen at:

this link.

The bulk of the $152 million is for corridor hardening of the rail line.  The rest is for projects that are either underway or about to get underway, and include projects at the US/Canadian border, Everett Washington, and Vancouver Washington.  The projects will improve service and on-time performance.

The Track 2 application will is due in October can be seen at:

this link

Washington state is asking for about $1.8 billion, with which the state and Amtrak could improve the existing level of service between Seattle, Portland OR, and Vancouver Canada.

This brings to mind an important point.  Who gets the money?  A state like Washington, that has invested $350 million over the last 10 years?  Or maybe a state like Oregon, that has spent very little.  Oregon is asking for about $2.1 billion.  The stimulus money would really make a difference, even more so for places like Idaho or Montana, places that have even less to spend.  How does the ARRA intend to divide up the money?


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