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Idaho anticipates Amtrak Pioneer report

The Idaho Statesman has a decent story concerning the much anticipated report on restoring the Pioneer service. This one is a lot more politically sensitive than the situation of the Sunset. In Idaho, people need reliable transportation year-round and care about Amtrak. Get this.

The city has owned the Boise Depot since 1996 and has reserved space in it for Amtrak.

The city owns about 18 miles of track to the east of Boise, a line that branches off from the main line that the Pioneer would use.

That line, which was set to be abandoned by Union Pacific before the city bought it in 2000, was purchased so the Pioneer would have a way to come into Downtown Boise if Amtrak ever restored the route.

What city along the Sunset route is prepared to make any contribution to restored Amtrak service? Mobile? Would they put up actual money?

No, life is not fair.

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2 Responses

  1. I could go along with a perceived greater need for rail in Idaho than in Northwest Florida because after all, it does snow out there a bit in the winter making driving sorta iffy, while all we have to contend with is the occasional hurricane.
    HOwever, AMTRAK is supposed to be a national system, and while there is a great gap between SLC and Portland, there is a more obvious gap between NewOrleans and FLorida. Get with it Amtrak cause for me and many others, you are IRRELEVANT.
    Oddly my wife asked me just the other night how we could ride a train from Spokane to SLC and I explained that it would be a bit arduous and we would visit Portlant, and SanFrancisco enroute — so what, to get from here to Houston by rail, I got to visit DC, and ATlanta enroute, neither being a place where I have forgotten anything. Lived in DC area for 15 years, no need to go back there for sure.

  2. Mad Park says:

    Irrelevant indeed. Thye desperately need a board and a group of senior managers to clean up the multiple messes they are in, and get all long distance trains currently in the National system running daily and with increased passenger amenities and services. Only when that is accomplished, and after an order for 1000 new cars devoted to long distance services have been ordered, should any discussion begin on new routes. These routes must be determined based on logic, ridership potential and traffic patterns, NOT on the political strength or longevity of service of Senators and Members of Congress from areas through which a new train might run.

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