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UPDATE: Congressman Poe to mediate Beaumont Amtrak station dispute

There have been some terrible facilities standing as Amtrak passenger stations, but the Beaumont stop stands alone as a slab. It’s in a neighborhood that does not well represent the needs of a great community and Amtrak (the National Rail Passenger C0rporation that does not care about long distance trains) is determined to spend $1.25 million to at least put a roof over the passengers heads.

The Beaumont newspaper has never responded to my request to put a photo of the slab on TFA, but the reporter is doing a fine job on the story. Go to this link and take a look at the picture and read the story.  It looks like help is on the way.

A week after Beaumont officials learned federal funding for a new train depot could be jeopardized by site negotiations, U.S. Rep. Ted Poe has offered to help the city land its preferred location.

Poe, R-Humble, said Thursday he is trying to set up a meeting soon between the city of Beaumont and Kansas City Southern Railway Co. on the matter of a downtown Amtrak train stop.

KCS has balked at Amtrak using its tracks for a downtown depot, telling an Enterprise reporter that it involved “operational and safety concerns.”

UPDATE: A reader sends along a link to some outstanding photos of “the slab:” and some appalling shots of the former SP passenger station (interior and exterior). I boarded the Sunset many times from that station in the 60s and recall that there were even worse SP and MP stations downtown.

So who has shots of the KCS Beaumont station? I will post your j-pegs or a link.

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4 Responses

  1. dave says:

    you can see the platform from above if you type in the amtrak address — 2555 West Cedar Street — and zoom in and to the right. there’s no street view since google maps doesn’t consider that address on an official street.

    there’s also a few decent shots here:

  2. Paul says:

    How fitting that the capital of America’s oil industry (back in the day at least) has this for a train station and that for a main street.

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