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POLITICO Exclusive: American Conservative Union offers support for $2 million

For those who may have been suspicious of our steadfast observance between so-called conservative “think tanks” and the financial handouts from big money special interests, this one is a blockbuster. Just consider the doings of such Republican darlings as Cato, Reason, and the countless other shameless shills for corporate owners.

The American Conservative Union asked FedEx for a check for $2 million to $3 million in return for the group’s support in a bitter legislative dispute, then the group’s chairman flipped and sided with UPS after FedEx refused to pay.

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2 Responses

  1. Allan says:

    And left-wing think tanks are pure as the driven snow? PU-Lease!

    Want me to believe that George Soros has no influence on the positions of left-wing think tanks???

    This is irrelevant!!!

    What is relevant is the strength of their argument not the source of their funding!

    Did you ever think that O’Toole actually believes his arguments to be correct??? If so, then where do you think he would go to get funding to make his arguments and support his cause???

    As soon as I read something like “O’Toole is just the road building interests’ lapdog”, I usually stop reading because the person presenting the argument obviously has no comeback other than ad hominem attacks which ALWAYS, ALWAYS loose.

    —BTW, you fail to mention what the ACU offered in return for the $2 million:

    Among the services ACU had offered to provide for the $2 million-plus price tag:

    —Acquiring data of known conservatives in the targeted states (to be determined by FedEx), matching that data to an e-mail database and then incorporating those e-mail addresses with the current ACU e-mail database to create one targeted database of all potential activists.

    —Sending a piece of targeted direct mail to these potential activists to ensure that they are well-educated prior to their contact with their senators.

    —E-mailing the identified voter activists, in five rounds, in order to educate them on the issue(s) and to urge them to call their senators based on key dates. The ACU would include the phone number of their personal senators directly in the correspondence.

    —Conducting targeted phone call campaign that will contact all voter activists to urge them to make a personal call to their senators. Each state would have a specialized message just for that state.

    —Encouraging activists who live within 30 miles of a senator’s district office to consider making a personal visit to register their concerns at the office. ACU has proved that we can turn out well-informed, quality voters who present a good image to represent our concerns.

    —As the vote for the legislation nears, distributing ACTION ALERT e-mails, and after the vote has taken place, distributing MegaVote e-mails to ACU’s members letting them know how their senators vote.

    Yes, I’m sure that it wouldn’t cost the ACU $2 million to do all of that, but it isn’t cheap to do those either.

  2. patlynch says:

    Thank you for making my case.

    The conservative hacks have a small army of super-wealthy neoconservative crybabies and greedy mlti-national corporations ready to write fat checks for the right words. Vast economic resources are mobilized to protect the entrenched economic powers.

    While there are some financial resources available for some progressive voices, most work in such areas is conducted by poorly funded volunteer organizations operated by volunteers. In major media, it is the general rule that progressive voices are not allowed and those who hold such views are brutally excluded.

    ACU has give us a little glimpse into how a certain line of thinking has come to dominate what little public discussion ever occurs.

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