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Congressman John Mica (R-Outer Limits) addresses the miserable performance of the Florida legislature (he used more nuanced language) in effectively killing the SunRail commenter project. TFA mentions this because SunRail is an important “feeder” to any HSR operation.

The News-Journal Online filed the report and a load of tragically misinformed comments. No wonder Congressman Mica is always so grumpy!

“Some may wonder why a right-wing conservative . . . why do I support a left-wing idea like mass transit,” Mica said. “It’s pretty easy. All you have to look at is the cost.”

SunRail, the proposed Central Florida commuter rail project, was projected to cost $2.7 billion over 30 years, split among the federal and state governments, as well as five local government partners — Volusia, Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Orlando.

Widening Interstate 4 by two lanes for 20 miles through Orlando would also cost about $3 billion, but Mica said the rail project would provide more bang for the buck. It would move an estimated 13,000 people per hour, compared to 2,000 cars per hour on the widened interstate.


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