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Midwest High Speed Rail gets boost from Biden

It’s not new news, but the endorsement of Vice-President Joe Biden is nonetheless important in the development of transportation policy. The Chicago Tribune was, of course, right on top of the story.

he full 3,000-mile Midwest corridor system stretching over nine states would cost $9.6 billion to construct over 10 years, according to the latest estimate.

But “for $3.4 billion, you can get a big chunk of this plan done,” Biden said in a conference call with reporters.

Because President Obama is from Chicago, as is his chief-of-staff Rahm Emmanuel, are from Chicago, there may be a thought that politics played too much a role in favoring the Midwest proposal. Here are some thoughts.

  • MWHSRA has been working ont his concept for years. You can visit the web site (right hand column) and look at the studies and serious economic considerations put under study.
  • The nine state area covers a significant population base with many suitable cities at appropriately close distances.
  • Chicago is already the nation’s foremost rail hub for freight and Amtrak.
  • Culturally, people in this region have a greater familiarity and consciousness of rail travel.
  • This area is bound to increase in population, and much of it is likely to be in more moderate sized cities which would be connected to larger cities.
  • The price is right. At just over $9 billion, one must wonder why we are not already building it.

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