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UPDATED: A note from the Twilight Zone

Regular readers know that I am headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas and that our associate, Logan Nash, is in charge of International Operations from our Minnesota outpost. I receive a great deal of email, most of which is immediately deleted, but some of it is so good, it must be shared.

This item arrived from an extremist source this morning, and I presume this is part of the current Republican talking points being circulated among cooperative media idiots and political activists of the “right” persuasion.

On the Road To A “Carless” Society

The takeover of GM is just one step toward the leftists’ long-term goal – a “carless” society.

As Michael Moore says in his article, “Goodbye, GM,” June 1, 08, “The things we call cars may have been fun to drive, but they are like a million daggers into the heart of Mother Nature. To continue to build them would only lead to the ruin of our species and much of the planet.”

If this idea of a “carless” society seems incredible, then consider how unbelievable the things Obama is doing now would have been ten years ago.  See Moore’s entire article at this link:

Michael Moore continues by outlining several steps he would ask President Obama to implement. Below are three of those steps.

“Thus, as GM is ‘reorganized’ by the federal government and the bankruptcy court, here is the plan I am asking President Obama to implement for the good of the workers, the GM communities, and the nation as a whole……. Number 1. Just as President Roosevelt did after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the President must tell the nation that we are at war and we must immediately convert our auto factories to factories that build mass transit vehicles and alternative energy devices…. The products built in the factories of GM, Ford and Chrysler are some of the greatest weapons of mass destruction responsible for global warming and the melting of our polar icecaps.”

Number 4:  “Initiate a program to put light rail mass transit lines in all our large and medium-sized cities. Build those trains in the GM factories. And hire local people everywhere to install and run this system.”

Number 5: “For people in rural areas not served by the train lines, have the GM plants produce energy efficient clean buses.” [Can you imagine catching a bus in a rural area to go buy groceries, to buy parts to repair farm equipment, house repairs, for doctor appointments, etc. especially for the elderly]

Recently, May 17, 09,  our Arkansas  state paper, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, published an article taken from the New York Times entitled: “Residents of German district adopt car-free lifestyle”  The first paragraph reads,

“Residents of this upscale community [Vauban] are suburban pioneers, going where few soccer moms or commuting executives have ever gone before: They have given up their cars….. Vauban, completed in 2006, is an example of a growing trend in Europe, the United States and elsewhere to separate suburban life from auto use, as a component of a movement called “smart planning.”

The following quote from the article exemplifies the gist of the article:

“‘When I had a car I was always tense. I’m much happier this way,’ said Heidrun Walter, a media trainer and mother of two, as she walked verdant streets where the swish of bicycles and the chatter of wandering children drown out the occasional distant motor.URL:

Now just why would an Arkansas paper print such an article with such a positive slant? Even the word “car-free” in the headline indicates a positive slant to doing away with cars. Isn’t it the beginning of preparing people for just this lifestyle of a “carless” society like leftists always do when they start their propaganda for a change they plan to implement? Remember a number of years ago when liberals started talking about the advantages of a nationalized health care, it was originally rejected with venom.  Now it is so acceptable that people who oppose it are called radicals.

Taking over the auto makers will exponentially increase the price of cars.  The government has never run anything efficiently.  The new fuel-efficiency and tailpipe-emissions standards will drive auto prices even higher.  Then the alternative fuels required  will make driving a car so expensive that people will no longer be able to afford them.

We can then be like the third world countries that all of us have dreamed about living in. And we won’t be that mean old country that uses more than our share of the world’s energy. And Obama and the leftists  will no longer have to apologize to other countries for our nation’s indulgence. And no one in the other countries will be any better off. We will just be reduced to their poverty as we burn up our food for alternate fuel.  And all that will be called PROGRESS.

Then who will help all those countries during their times of crisis as our mean old country has so many times for so many years?

Note: There is much more documentation that could be included that indicates the leftists want to go to a “carless” society but these two articles summarize it better than most.

Ah! All the weak minded regular folks. They foolishly believe a streetcar is a street car and not our innocent looking tool of world domination. What the author of this wonderfully insightful essay has failed to discern is that the fiendish plan to take away people’s cars is just the prelude to taking away their guns.

I am so sorry. Some days, I should not be allowed on the internet.

Mischief, be thou afoot.

UPDATE: An obscure and marginalized Arkansas columnist for the Stephens Media Group, John Brummett, also received the above email and it has become the basis of his obscure and marginalized column. (Or is Brummett a closet reader of TFA? Nah!)

Let me be candid: I know some liberals very well and these expressions of Michael Moore reflect exactly how they talk among themselves. They believe government policy can compel better and more responsible human behavior and force us, if that’s what it takes, to operate more co-operatively and efficiently. They think cars are destructive to the earth both in what is required to run them and in what they emit. They sit around counting all the one-driver SUVs going down the road and wail and moan about our collective stupidity. They do this at their parties. Then they go get in their cars, two to a vehicle, some of them SUVs, and drive home.

SECOND UPDATE: It looks like Michael Moore and his commie loving fellow travelers have made further inroads in their sinister conspiracy to take away our cars. The latest outrage is exposed by those well known lefties at Infrastructurist.

Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm has apparently been pushing a plan along these lines to Obama. At yesterday’s rail summit at the White House with Joe Biden, Ray LaHood and several other governors, Granholm was making the case that it’s time to start making railcars if we’re going to be building a passenger rail network. “We have lots of capacity in Michigan and workers who know how to make things,” she said.After all, with companies like Siemens reaping billion dollar deals from the Chinese, and European companies expecting the US to be a $150 billion market for train equipment, what’s the excuse for not trying capture some of the action?

Of course, Michael Dukakis has been saying all this for a while. But it’s good to hear serving politicians chiming in.

You might want to surf around the Infrastructurist site for lots of relevant news, including some liberal propaganda about how the price of gasoline is going up. Liberals run the oil companies, don’t they?


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