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Fox News and its “analysts” try to compare GM deal to Amtrak

Another journalistic homerun from Fox News, which, in its a piece today on the GM bailout announcement,  has once again shown itself to be the grand master of wiggle-words and half truths.

General Motors is trying to prove that it is the little engine that could. But the bankrupt automaker may never fully climb the mountain ahead of it, if Amtrak is any example.

Some analysts say the federal government’s effort to prop up the nation’s largest auto manufacturer is eerily similar to a 40-year effort to revive the nation’s ailing railroad system. Billions of taxpayer dollars later, Amtrak still needs the government to survive — and critics say General Motors appears to be headed down the same track.

The “analysts” the article refers to constantly seem to be drawn from only two referenced sources: Wendell Cox and some guy from the Heritage Foundation… not exactly objective observers. I don’t need to reassert the fact that national rail systems across the world are accepted as places where the government needs to continually invest, and I’m not going to take sides on the issue of General Motor’s bankruptcy. I’ll just say that we can start comparing the GM deal to Amtrak when GM is the only company selling cars in the entire country. There are a host of good reasons to support rail transportation, and the only one making the GM deal legitimate right now is jobs. This should be treated as a real national issue, not just another chance for slanted journalists to take potshots at their favorite political target.


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