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High speed rail: reliability more important than speed

International Railway Gazette focuses on Boardman’s Illinois testimony. Nothing really new, but a decent story.

USA: Incremental improvements to permit more frequent and reliable passenger services are more important in revitalising the inter-city rail sector than developing a national network of 320 km/h trains, according to Amtrak President & CEO Joseph Boardman. Testifying before the Illinois House Railroad Industry Committee on May 11, Boardman emphasised that ‘it’s really not about the speed. It’s about reduced travel times.’

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2 Responses

  1. Cal says:

    His statment about faster rail is semi-right and probally coming from his viewpoint as chief of Amtrak..An enity that has been fighting its entire life and does not have 15-20 Billion dollars to build true HSR lines. I think true HSR would work on some of these FRA routes and in California it has to be true HSR to be competive with air travel.
    Another point is the plain fact that Amtrak might not even opertate some of the true HSR lines..CAHSR at this point has nothing to do with Amtrak and in fact if it needs a operator/funding partnership how would Amtrak even bid?

  2. Adron says:

    I actually agree with Joseph, and the other Amtrak management that has stated this time and time again for 30+ years. Amtrak ABSOLUTELY needs to get the trains on time.

    On another note, I’m really perplexed by people when they keep throwing out amounts like 15-20 billion for true HSR lines. This is the US, NOTHING is close together, and if it is it is already developed – thus the price will be VASTLY larger than 15-20. If you’re speaking about individual corridors, yeah, that could be true.

    Portland and Seattle could get connected via a private builder, privately managed company, and privately operated passenger rail for about 3-4 billion per estimates, under Government operation, manufacture, building, etc, we’re looking at a solid 10-15 billion just for this single line.

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