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Fast trains in New Hampshire

The story in covers a lot of territory, but the northeast is a population center and full of potential for conventional high speed rail. Among the topics of discussion is improving speed and running time of the Boston-Portland Downeaster.

But did you ever think of Boston-Concord as a corridor? Certainly not at European speeds, but catch this.

Mark Richardson, a spokesman for the New Hampshire Railroad Revitalization Association in Weare, said his group may have a good chance of getting $300 million it needs to complete the New Hampshire Capitol Corridor project, which would link Boston and Concord.

He said his group would like to see a 200 mph train travel between Montreal and Boston in the next five years after initially providing a train that travels between 100 mph and 125 mph.

With a 100 mph train, passengers could travel from Concord to Boston in 1 hour and 10 minutes based on the route and stops involved. The number of daily trains to and from Boston would depend on ridership demand, Richardson said.

If ridership demand is high enough, he said it is conceivable there could be as many as a dozen trains per day that could take commuters and travelers from Concord to Boston and back.


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5 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    I don’t want to rain on the parade here, but…. Concord? The population there is what? 40, maybe 45k?

    Aren’t there bigger fish to fry with the very small 13 billion of rail money?

    As a stop on an eventual Boston to Montreal line, 15, ok fine. But then you need to get the Canadian government involved…and we are talking 20 years down the line.

  2. Peter Laws says:

    Well, you’ve got to start somewhere. The “20 years down the line” will stay at 20 years if nothing ever starts.

    That said, it’s only 70 Googlemiles from Boston to Concord. I know there are a lot of commuters from Nashua and even Manchester, but I don’t know about Concord. Add a 79-mph service from there to North Station and you’ve probably got something.

    But 200-mph trains? Or even 120? I don’t think so. Let’s get 79-mph service established between Montreal and Boston first and then, if it takes off, which I’m sure it will, you can start looking at multiple frequencies, higher speeds, whatever.

  3. Mad Park says:

    Boston to/from Cuncud should be MBTA, not Amtrak, but w/ support from our friends in NH (perhaps from all the sales at those giant Liquor Store/Boozeramas right at the Mass/NH border?)..

  4. Marshall Dodge says:

    Ayup! Now where is Bill Loeb and Mel Thompson when you need ’em to keep the Liberal-Socialists from Bahstuhn out of the Granite State? And then to think that we’ll eventually give all them Mooslim terraists in Kee-bec a bullet train to come to America??


  5. Mad Park says:

    Now Marshall – you ovah theyuh in Maine should know that Bill and Mel have been dead fo yeeuhs! Them Bahstuhn type Liburralz have taken over in Augusta AND Cuncud, not to mention Montpelier and Hahtfud!

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