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South Central High Sped Rail Corridor

My spies tell me it was a big weekend down in Marshall, Texas. Generally good developments. Two links to some useful information are included below.

The summit ended with the signing of an additional Memorandum of Understanding between local COG’s to work to expand passenger rail linking the D/FW area with East Texas, Southern
Arkansas, western Louisiana and now Eastern Louisiana. At this point there is political common understanding and direction from south of the D/FW Metroplex east into East Texas, then north to Little Rock, Arkansas and now on to Memphis, Tennessee, and from East
Texas all the way across Louisiana to the outskirts of Vicksburg, MS.

The map.

East Texas Corridor Council web site

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  1. Woody says:

    Adding the Crescent Star proposal is a big step. Nevermind high speed rail, it’s a few years and many billions of dollars away.

    Better service on the Texas Eagle Chicago-Texarkana-Marshall-Longview-Mineola-Dallas would be a first step. But simply adding a daily service Atlanta-Birmingham-Meridian-Jackson-Vicksburg-Monroe-Shreveport-Marshall-Longview-Mineola-Dallas DOUBLES the daily service on that stretch Marshall-Dallas.

    Now if Bobby Jindal would get serious about the route that once caught his eye: New Orleans-Baton Rouge-Alexandria-Shreveport-Marshall-Longview-Mineola-Dallas. Adding that new route would give the section Shreveport-Dallas two trains a day, and give the Marshall-Longview-Mineola-Dallas stretch THREE trains a day.

    That would be a strong beginning to corridor-type service. One more trainset bought and subsidized by Texas and Louisiana to run between Shreveport and Dallas would allow service every couple of hours or so in that corridor.

    Shreveport can attract passengers with its riverboat casinos, and Dallas, well, it’s the Big D. Frequent service would allow one day go-and-return trips, weekenders and overnighters, to attract business travelers as well as the gamblers, tourists, and family travelers.

    Once you build up to five or six trains a day, like Portland-Seattle or Chicago-Milwaukee, it will be much easier to get the investment in raising the speed in this corridor and beyond.

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