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Kansas City-Fort Worth link advances

Topeka’s Capitol Journal reports some movement at the close of the legislative session.

Ron Kaufman, a spokesman for the Kansas Department of Transportation, has issued a report called a “Kansas Passenger Rail Update,” in which he notes there were signs of support for the idea in the session of the Kansas Legislature that just ended.

He credited that to strong grassroots support from a group called the Northern Flyer Alliance.


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2 Responses

  1. Woody says:

    This would be great news for the cities in Kansas that would get the new service, doubling the frequency of trains on the line.

    The Southwest Chief leaves Kansas City at 11 p.m., so Lawrence, Topeka, and Newton only see it in the dead of night. Eastbound is not so much better, leaving Newton at 3 a.m. to arrive in KC at 7:30. I’m never awake to catch that train.

    The Heartland Flyer would add another frequency, and for many passengers, daylight departures would be the first real Amtrak service on this line.

    Oh, and the new connection south to Oklahoma City and Ft Worth would also be nice.

  2. When he released the report, he did it online, as a PDF.

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