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NIMBY attitude on HSR: the perils of going green

The Inquisitr has a thoughtful item on the social costs of windfarms and true high speed rail. It is almost a case for vastly improved conventional rail. Of course, in time that will not be enough.

Change is coming and it is not always easy.Now we come to the high-speed rail project in California and find that this NIMBY attitude is starting to show its head as people start worrying about the effect the rail system will have on their property values. The people involved try and cover up much of the rhetoric with phrases like “ … no socio-geographic distinction to being on one side of the tracks.” and where the residents were given enough information before the vote.

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2 Responses

  1. glen says:

    The person quoted in this article is the main nimby against CaliHSR
    This person ran a full time campain against the bond…He is on any post regarding CaliHST posting anti-hsr comments ..Im shocked he has not been here…READING this Martin?

  2. Spokker says:

    They also think the CHSRA is corrupt, mismanaged, among other things. I don’t know. It wouldn’t be a railroad without corruption, would it?

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