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Amtrak begins work on Missouri bottleneck

The St. Louis Business Journal has details on the new 9,000 foot siding being built to allos Amtrak trains to pass slower moving coal trains. It is an $8 million project.

Construction started Monday for a new $8.1 million, 9,000-foot railroad sidetrack to add capacity and reduce delays on the route used by Amtrak Missouri River Runner trains between Kansas City and St. Louis.

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  1. Woody says:

    Lessee, it’s 5,280 feet to a mile so … damn, almost $5 million a mile to double-track this tiny piece? If they double-tracked the entire 25-mile stretch of single-track line, that would be about $125 million or so. And are we hopeful about what will be accomplished with 10 times that amount devoted to high-speed rail each year? Wow, 250 miles of double track in the whole USA. Well, it’s a start, but we’ve still got so terribly far to go.

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