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High-Speed Rail Projects

How could we use high speed rail projects to improve our economy? What routes should we construct?

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8 Responses

  1. skiddie says:

    Strange to compare to FDR building dams, but not Eisenhower building highways. Aren’t highways (a) far more analagous; and (b) far more popular among the people this video presumably is trying to convince?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree skiddle. Also, does this sound like a “Pickens plan for rail?”

  3. jon says:

    my thoughts:

    wonderful little ad

    mention both roosevelt and eisenhower to keep it politically balanced

    needs an ending after electric freight rail map

    some passenger routes need to be added in the mountain time zone… namely front range rail north-south out of denver. maybe even new mexico railrunner and salt lake city commuter rail could be funded for improvements under this HSR plan so that the HSR program benefits all parts of the continental US.

  4. skiddie says:

    Oh yeah– great ad, though.

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  6. zbigniewmazurak says:

    The following routes should be built (using state and local, not federal, funding):
    1) the CHSR route, but extended to El Cerrito;
    2) Florida HSR route, but extended to Jacksonville;
    3) the SEHSR route, but extended to Jacksonville;
    4) a Texan HSR network (SA to Dallas via Austin, Austin to Houston);
    5) the MRR network;
    6) Philly-Harrisburg;
    7) Chicago-Atlanta;
    8) San Francisco – Seattle;
    9) NYC – Buffalo.

  7. zbigniewmazurak says:

    Additionally, the entire NEC should be upgraded to the 360 kph speed and ICE-T trains should be introduced on it.

  8. […] deticated to trains in America. Although this does not directly answer the question, its a great post regarding some of the proposed railroads in the US and their economic […]

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