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Cheyenne, Wyoming endorses Amtrak restoration

It’s good news trapped inside an awful AP story. The useful part is this.

Mayor Rick Kaysen, the economic development group Cheyenne LEADS and the Cheyenne Area Convention and Visitors Bureau all have written letters urging Amtrak to restore the route.

There is also a line insinuating that the train was discontinued because it lost $20 million. It makes you wonder where they get this stuff.

Rather than starting an all-out shooting  war over which train loses more than another, let us agree that railroad accounting practices have been a mess, and weighted against passenger trains, for a long time. The Pioneer carried significant loads out of Salt Lake City and Boise. Cheyenne was served by a station outside town on the U. P. mainline. It seemed to put on its share of passengers as well.

If it is true that the Sunset is going daily (which is by no means official) it would make this route improvement less likely.

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3 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    This story seems it is (or at least should be) connected to the Montana story. I am not sure what the previous route was but looking at the map it looks pretty obvious to have a train leave Denver route through Longmont, Ft. Colons to Cheyenne though Billings and Bozeman if there is way they should go to Helena (the state capital) and then on to Butte and through Massula and Kalispell to terminate at the Empire builder in Whitefish.

  2. Mad Park says:

    There is a connection with the Montana story – up until the mid-1950s there were trains from Denver and Cheyenne, as well as from Omaha, that traveled to Billings and met up with the Chicago-Twin Cities-Billings-Missoula-Spokane-Portland-Seattle trains run by the Northern Pacific Rwy. Concurrently, there were Union Pacific trains from Chicago and St Louis that passed through Cheyenne on their way to all the major west coast destinations. From 1971 when Amtrak assumed operation of most passenger trains, Cheyenne was served from Chicago and Denver on the east, and from the Bay area, and later LA and the Northwest, via Ogden on the west. All rail service at Cheyenne and suburban Borie ended with the discontinuance of the Pioneer about a dozen years ago.

  3. Susan says:

    It would be so great to have an Amtrak run from Cheyenne to Ft. Collins, and then accross WY to Salt Lake city. I travel a lot throughout Wyoming and I talk to so many people who would use this service. It would also be good on the eco system. One drawback from other train travel is- how do you get around once you arrive to your destination city without a car? The Amtrak lets you take it with you.

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