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While U. S. talks basic rail improvements, Eurostar moves forward

One of the myths put forward by highway and airline special interest groups is that American cites are too far apart to support European style HSR. We recommend consulting a map of the eastern United States or a visit to the Midwest High Speed Rail Association’s web site.

While the United states is talking even basic rail improvements to death, Europe marches forward on keeping up the existing fleet of fast trains. International Railway Gazette files the comprehensive report.

Eurostar has selected Italian consultancy Pininfarina to undertake design work for the mid-life refurbishment of the 28 high-speed trains used on services from London to Paris and Brussels.

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2 Responses

  1. Loren Petrich says:

    I suggest demanding numbers from anyone who makes such density assertions. once worked out some numbers, comparing Paris – Lyon to Chicago – St. Louis:

    Paris: 12m
    Lyon: 1.8m
    Distance: 289 mi / 466 km
    Chicago: 9.8m
    St. Louis: 2.8m
    Distance: 297 mi / 479 km

    To which I add London – Paris and NYC – DC:

    London: 14m
    Paris: 12m
    Distance: 289 mi / 465 km
    New York City: 19m
    Washington, DC: 5.3m
    Distance: 227 mi / 366 km

    Additional sets of cities I leave as an exercise for the reader.

    Populations are of metropolitan areas, distances are Google-Maps driving distances from the first city to the second.

  2. skiddie says:

    Finally. Some of those interiors are getting kind of ratty.

    It’s also nice to see the ‘designer’ designed train interiors. Along with the Christian Lacroix TGV design (2005, according to a google search) this should provide even more interesting interiors. Great!

    A bit odd that they seem to have announced the contract without releasing pictures of the design.

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