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More choices for better transportation boosts rail passenger service

Without making this all about me, I must admit to having quite a way with words. This is a tendency I plan to curb for a while.

But let the grumpy publisher and founder of Trains for America uncork one little rant on a pet peeve, and it gets splashed all over the internet. I even have reason to believe that there has been discussion on Trainorders, but I cannot penatrate the curtain of secrecy Todd has erected around one of the best rail discussion groups around

And I think Todd Clark is a greag guy, a wonderful advocate and an amazing businessman. He has turned his passion into a profession. So, Todd, if you ever read this, what exactly was said? Did they really come after me? Should I move to Mexico?

But this isn’t about me.

Sarah Goodyear has a tremendous item about her journey on the Crescent beginning in Meredian, Miss. That’s a town which is deprived of transportation alternatives and Amtrak serves a strong purpose in the region.

I wish to be very careful not to implicate Sarah Goodyear in my unfortunate outburst, for which I have already apologized profusely. Her comments deal only with the general  rail advocacy put forward by TFA and not my lapse into lunacy. She mentions a forthcoming story that we should all be anticipating.

I’ll be writing in a future post about how the small city of Meridian has leveraged its railroad infrastructure into a powerful tool for economic redevelopment precisely because its mayor recognizes that passenger trains provide efficient and pleasurable transportation. Rail needs more advocates like him, and like the folks at Trains for America.

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