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AP story highlights HSR battles

Joe Vranich is still alive?

TFA does not hate Mr. Vranich, we only wish journalists would look around for additional sources. For those of you doing research, may we suggest the Midwest High Speed Rail Association (linked on the right)?

The story appeared in today’s Atlanta Journal Constitution and is rather favorable and, unfortunately, realistic. Funds made available so far for HSR are woefully inadequate.

But this country has never built a high-speed “bullet” train rivaling the successful systems of Europe and Asia, where for decades passenger railcars have blurred by at top speeds nearing 200 mph.

Since the 1980s, every state effort to reproduce such service has failed. Yet President Barack Obama, intent on harnessing new technology to rebuild the devastated economy, made a last-minute allocation of $8 billion for high-speed rail in his mammoth stimulus plan.

It sounds good, but that amount isn’t enough to build a single system, or to dramatically increase existing train speeds, transportation experts say.

The fact is that, in making public policy, the government has taken the historic position of the New York Central; “the public be damned.” Taxpayers have little say in national transportation decisions.

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