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Solar powered high-speed rail plan

It would connect Detroit and Lansing. This is innovative stuff. We should probably let the Chinese do it. Read the story from London’s RailNews here.

A completely new and revolutionary type of high-speed rail transportation system — hydrogen-powered and magnetically-driven — is being proposed in the US state of Michigan. It would run from Detroit to the state capital, Lansing.

There is a video also, but I am unable to post it.


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3 Responses

  1. NikolasM says:

    This has the authenticity of the Springfield Monorail from The Simpsons.

  2. BLambert says:

    Yonah Freemark of The Transport Politic has already called this the snake-oil that it is:

  3. Michael Hromanik says:

    So this is a “Blog” huh? I’ve been on discussion boards, but not one of these. How do you go from lowly “commenting” to big league “blogging”?

    I want to use the heading of “solar powered trains in China” to discuss an approach to a new rail infrastructure here in the U.S. that I never hear mentioned.

    The major advantage that comes with an electrified rail network is that it is the ONLY transportation alternative that decreases the consumption of imported oil. An electrified rail network, powered by the nations electrical grid, means trains powered by coal, hydro, nuclear, solar, wind, switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs, etc…..

    Imagine an infrastructure that we build and pass on to future generations that uses the winds of Kansas to power 125 mph trains across Kansas!! (Or Illinois, or New York…..)Think of the high tech jobs that this system would support, funded by money that would otherwise be going to middle east “royalty”.

    As an energy source, electricity is far cheaper than diesel fuel, BTU to BTU. But it will be far easier to cost justify this system if both freight and passengers make use of it, just like the interstate system. An electrified rail network will flow alot more money if it’s also moving double-stacked containers, along with people. (And the more double-stacks, the better.)

    Let’s propose a new electrified “iron interstate”, which seamlessly moves freight at 90 mph and passengers at 125 mph. (or more.) It’s economic advantage for both transporting freight and passengers will be that “fuel” on this system will cost 1/10th of diesel and jet fuel. The system could be “Open Access”, controlled, operated, and maintained by the Federal government and the states, with locomotives and rolling stock owned by private companies. (Again, Identical to the interstate system and the FAA. Imagine a French TGV in Federal Express colors, streaking over an overpass at 125 mph…..) The system would be maintained by charges per mile, per ton, per speed, and per electrical usage.

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