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Springfield, Missouri meeting

An astute reader posted a comment on last night’s (3/10/09) meeting in Springfield, Mo, which I have now mow moved to the front. (See, this is what could happen to you for writing something really informative.)

Springfield(MO)  MoDOT held its proposed transportation meeting tonight.  Local activist asked why the Rail Passenger Service was not included at any funding level?  Steven Reed pointed out that just two years ago the highway department put out a press release supporting it.

Reed says that over ten years thousands of people have spoke out from Springfield to Branson to St. Louis and even The mayor of Branson, Raeanne Presley recently said she has always supported the Rail Passenger Service.  “I say to people ac cross the State Rise up (St. Louis, Rolla, Lebanon, Springfield, Branson), and tell the people who always run the show that we want passenger rail service” Reed said.  The people have no say and MODOT does not have any elected position like maybe the state director

Steven Reed also asked why Springfield, St. Louis, and Kansas City were on their maps as being non economically distressed area’s which meant they received less funding from the stimulus money.  Also asked if mainly the jobs will go to the union workers and they agreed since they are all prevailing wage road projects.  MoDOT said wages are high and unemployment low and that is why Springfield in NOT considered a economically distressed area and that all jobs created would be union and pre-veiling wage.

It is sad that Reed pointed out that he was the only member of the public at the meeting and KOLR10, KSPR, and The News-Leader avoided Reed in the room after the meeting and were even told by a MODOT employee to do so.  The media does not want to talk to Reed after 20 years voluntary community projects and makes fun of him.  Jim Anderwson of the Chamber in the past said he supports the rail passenger service —but said nothing to the media about it—is he about to retire?

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  1. steven reed says:

    June 26, 2009

    President Barack Obama
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    FAX: 202-456-2461

    Dear President Obama:

    I am writing to suggest I be considered as a employee to get the High Speed Rail issue on track. I watched the Senate Hearing and I think it is apparent that we need some new blood and major forward thinking. I have worked on Rail Passenger Service in Missouri as a volunteer for 20 years. I have heard all the arguments against it like it is a waste of money. I always say hey have you ever seen a road that makes money?

    Some of the comments were good from
    Rendell suggested that a national infrastructure bank, independent of the government, should be tapped to direct money to high-speed rail proposals without political concerns influencing the process. “The public wants that,” he said. “The public doesn’t want transportation dollars authorized through [the existing] system.”
    That outcome is highly unlikely, however, given that the federal DOT already has released its guidelines for an internal ranking of regional rail plans. And Federal Railroad Administrator Joseph Szabo was on hand to defend the administration’s methods.
    “Our vision matches, frankly, what they’ve done in Europe,” Szabo told senators. Meanwhile, Rendell kept imploring the lawmakers to reconsider the Obama administration’s 110-mph ballpark for defining what constitutes “high-speed”.
    With high-speed trains topping 200 mph in China and 160 in France, the governor said, “we’re absolutely consigning ourselves to second-class citizenship” by setting the benchmark at 110 mph.
    Tom Skancke, a member of the transportation revenue panel that last year called for a major gas-tax hike to fund system-wide reform, echoed Rendell’s concerns with a call to publicly promote broad reform:
    I don’t think the nation as a whole has a plan for high-speed rail. … The way we get there is, we have to sell the American public, particularly on rail, as we get people out of their horse and buggy. It is a cultural shift. We have to convince the American people that high-speed rail is going to be predictable, going to be on time, going to be affordable. … We know what the alignment should look like. I just believe we need to step up and do it.

    End of article quote.

    I have 15 boxes of information about the rail issue and I think I have as good or better grasp than anyone in the nation since I have also promoted it on the national level too. I have included my resume for consideration.

    I also watch your news conference and think you could not have done better! Thank you and have a great day.


    Steven L. Reed
    1441 South Estate Ave.
    Springfield, MO 65804

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