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HSR in the South

I am a native southerner. At one time, Southern’s crack passenger train was called “The Southerner.” Down here  (my part of this blog is composed in Little Rock, Arkansas), people love their pickup trucks, guns, barbque, football and that special hard headed culture. My great grandfather was a captain in the CSA. I do have some creds.

The south is way behind on public transportation. That is part of the independent thing and also a function of the fierce desegregation battle of the 1970’s. This is also the poorest and least educated (and most over-churched) part of America. And before you go off calling me some sort of commie-lovin’ atheist, I am a student of theology and a member of the Anglican Mission in America. We are on the “conservative” end of the religious spectrum. I do have somecreds.

They might as well call the Arkansas Department of Transportation the Arkansas Truckers and Road Builders Department. The entire system is sold out to the special interests, just like everywhere else only worse. Bill Clinton got Little Rock on one of thoseHSR corridors, but that’s just for show.

The Southern Political Report, an outfit that generally knows from when it speaks, has a story this morning about the tremendous advantages enjoyed by North Carolina (home of the late Sen. Jessie Helms). Bottom line is this. You can expect to see some of that federal HSR money flow into the Tar Heel state.

North Carolina is a southern state with plenty of churches and political conservatives. It is also blessed with an over-abundance of college educated folks who look to  the futureas much as the past.


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  1. max says:

    I totally agree with you. I’m from south Louisiana and it’s an indescribable passion that people have for their trucks that will make HSR’s in this region difficult to sell.

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