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NPR on Spain’s AVE HSR and the economy

Need proof that high-speed rail can be an effective stimulus that is more than competitive with air travel? We’ve been talking about Spain’s system for quite a while, but NPR has a nice bite-size 4.5 minute story about the country’s rail turnaround.

Here it is.

They interview Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle, who toured Spain’s network recently, and he of course mentions the Midwest HSR plan. It’s a bit misleading as Spain’s system is very different from what’s proposed around Chicago, and Spain’s $100 billion investment next year dwarfs our [much valued] $8 billion. But people are becoming curious about HSR because of the stimulus package, and pieces like this are spreading the word that rapid trains are competitive, modern, and a great way to stimulate the national economy. We need more of this and fewer dismissive lies from HSR deniers like Bobby Jindal.

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  1. […] Europe are in the middle of a progressive infrastructure boom, with countries like Spain investing billions in high-speed rail and other transportation projects and improved bus and transit systems dominating the landscape. […]

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