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Plan emerges for first leg of California HSR

The San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Officials of the California High-Speed Rail Authority say a flat, straight stretch through the San Joaquin Valley connecting Merced and Bakersfield will likely be the first completed.

Regional Manager Thomas Tracy told the Visalia City Council Monday that the 800-mile project will be built in eight phases. The first segment, due by 2015, would stretch from Bakersfield to Merced on an initial run from San Diego to Sacramento.

At its full 220 mph speed, the normally three-hour car trip from Merced to Bakersfield would take 45 minutes.

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4 Responses

  1. Rudi says:

    See this is great. Finally some progress in the right direction.

    I just feel that the FRA should get with the program and lower their ridiculous requirements on passenger train design for the USA now that this train system will run on separate tracks accidents can be prevented like they have been across the world.

    These are those same requirements that make the Acela express one of the heaviest reasonably fast trains in the world (No it is not a high speed train not here and not anywhere else in the world). This also contributes greatly to the wear problem on the tracks sending Amtrak maintenance costs to where they are today.

  2. So if that cuts two hours off, then the normally ten-hour trip from SF to LA via the San Joaquins plus buses would be shrunk to eight. Not that exciting, but if you only wanted to go from Bakersfield to Oakland it would be shrunk from six hours to four.

    Does anyone actually go from Bakersfield to Oakland? Or San Diego to Sacramento?

  3. jon says:

    i take it this segment would not see revenue service on its own until the entire LA-SF line opens. this segment seems like the low hanging fruit. its palmdale and pacheco that are the complex and critical pieces.

    i wonder what the next segment built would be? merced-san jose or bakersfield-los angeles?

  4. Cal says:

    This has to go first .its the test segment and the fastest to build I really dont think there will be much of any real service until its connect to on the big city end points.

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