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It’s not quite groundhog day, but I have emerged from my stack of theological books (and thanks to Logan for keeping up). I did not see my shadow, but I did see politicians doing what they always do. The disturbing truth is that this kind of stagneant unimaginative play-it-safe policy making is part of what has gotten this country in such a mess.

Good rail transportation is just prudent policy.Here is a note from the Midwest High Speed Rail Associaiton.

Tell Congress and Obama:
Put high-speed rail in the stimulus package

Momentum is building for a new stimulus package. Passenger trains have been absent from the debate. Help change that by sending a message today.

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President Barack Obama and Congressional leaders are working on a stimulus package to invest in a green economy and create millions of jobs.

The amount of money that could be spent is huge: more than $800 billion.

Investing in fast, frequent and dependable passenger trains will help restructure and strengthen our economy by reducing transportation costs and bringing cities closer together.

Unfortunately, our D.C. sources say that the “marker” for fast trains is small – just $1.1 billion.

California’s high-speed rail project alone will require at least $15 billion from the federal government. How can Congress even consider spending only $1.1 billion for the entire nation on state-based rail investment?

We could miss this opportunity if we don’t act now.

The stimulus package is being debated right now.

Act Now! Tell your Member of Congress to invest at least $5 billion in high-speed rail in the $700 billion stimulus package.

And tell President Barack Obama the same thing: at least $5 billion for high-speed rail.

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Our Priorities

Double Amtrak’s Fleet

Fund $500 million in ready-to-go Midwest railroad projects.

Build the South-of-the-Lake Reroute.

Finish the Chicago – St. Louis Lincoln Heritage Corridor.

Get trains to Madison, WI.

Help us build the list.

If your city or town has a passenger rail project in the works that is waiting for funding, such as a new railroad station, please click here to tell us more.


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