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South America leads USA on HSR development

Here is a link to an outstanding feature concerning high speed rail development.

Now, this may be an appropriate moment to define our terms. “HSR” is the really fast European type train that runs at 180 mph and higher speeds. Everything we have in the USA is “conventional.” I support both, but have a preference towards the conventional style of the Midwest High Speed Rail Association.

No doubt, America needs true High Speed Rail. Here is the kicker.

Yes, Argentina looks set to beat California in building the first new bullet-train line in the Western Hemisphere. This year, the country let contracts for a 440-mile European-style railroad between Buenos Aires and Cordoba, with trains operating at up to 200 mph.

We’ve had more than 50 years of massive federal subsidies for new interstate highways, and, at least in Virginia, we’ve produced a faltering economy of sprawl. But the age of the highway is ending. High-speed rail in Virginia won’t reverse 50 years of overdependence on the automobile, but it will be a step toward a different, better economy. That’s what the businessmen and -women who formed Virginians for High Speed Rail ( believe.

In high-speed ground transportation, we’re decades behind Japan and Europe. We can let China and Argentina surge past us, too, or we can get on board.

Read it all here.


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  1. zbigniewmazurak says:

    Tim Kaine really wants the SEHSR, and so do all of his potential successors, but some other Southern governors do not.

    The SEHSR is inadequate anyway. It ends in Macon, GA, even though it should end in Jacksonville, FL.

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