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To the land of corn

In fact, the Illinois Central used to run a train somewhere up there called the Land O’ Corn.

Oh, well.

There are some deelopments in getting the Amtrak system into the Des Moines market. The letislatue will get an incremental proposal according to this morning’s news.

The project calls for stops between Chicago and Moline, Ill., with a direct line from Moline to Iowa City.

Eventually, service could be extended to Des Moines.

Marc Magliari, Chicago-based spokesman for Amtrak, said the state of Illinois also has to approve funding before the project can proceed.

Magliari said the rail service could be ready in 2010 or 2011 if funding is secured.

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7 Responses

  1. Mike Loveland says:

    We used to ride the Land O’ Corn to Chicago from Independence, Iowa. I think the “Corn” ran from Chicago to Waterloo, Iowa. Great train. Pretty too, brown, yellow and orange.

  2. oldfolkie says:

    Thanks for the memory.
    I was a baggage man for the IC during the early 70’s and the Land O’ Corn was “my” train. The old Rockford Depot is in a terrible state of disrepair but hopefully returning “The Corn” and “The Hawkeye” to service will change that.

  3. Mike Loveland says:

    Old folkie,

    Where do you live?
    Is “The Corn ” coming back?


  4. Anonymous says:

    I used to ride the Land O’ Corn in the early “70s from Chicago to Sioux
    City and hithchike to S.D. to school. The train would stop at some station in Iowa for say thirty minutes IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT so passengers wanting to get something to eat could go to this dive in the station. After this I rode the City of San Francisco out of Omaha home!!!! Even though the City was in its final days I remember the lounge car had real nice FURNITURE in it.

    The Mainstreeter

  5. Chef Jeff says:

    We used to call it the Can of Corn in Galena, IL, but it was a mainstay in those days. I hope we’llsee railroads pick up passenger service once more.


    Chef Jeff

  6. Gregg Lamping says:

    My father was traffic manager for the I.C. from 1948 until the middle 60s. We lived in Freeport, and my mother and I used to ride the Land into Chicago on Saturdays to visit the museums. It would come through Freeport about 8 in the morning and we would be in the Loop in Chicago my 10:30 or so. Then it returned each evening, getting us back by around 7pm if I recall correctly. I made a few trips in the locomotive, a real treat for a kid. I sure miss rail travel.

  7. Vera Wright says:

    I arrived in Rockford on Feb. 1946 , an 7 year old girl with my War bride mother coming from England. I remember vividly my ride on The land of Corn from Chicago I was fascinated. I loved the mournful wail of its horn. I lived on the west side and heard them go thru everyday. 8:00 in the eve. for the “Corn’ and 8:00 in the morning for the Hawkeye. It was on the Hawkeye that I went on my last train from Rockford when I returned to England many years later. Also my Mother kept me off school to see the Freedom Train stop in Rockford containing the Declaration of Indepedence, Constitution and other important items. Sad to hear the station is in such bad repair. I loved those trains. Im 78 now

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