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Boston editorial focuses on transport

There is a good reason rail improvements make sense for economic stimulus. makes the case perfectly.

Instead of new highways, which often enable unsustainable land development patterns, the policy should be “fix it first” – keeping existing roads and bridges in a state of good repair. The major infrastructure projects in any stimulus package should emphasize transit – bus systems, streetcars, light rail, and inter-city rail – and moving more freight capacity to rail as well.

Cities need help retrofitting older buildings for greater energy efficiency, replacing taxi fleets with hybrids, and updating antiquated water and wastewater systems. Former Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis has noted that Amtrak is ready to go with up to $3 billion in system upgrades that would improve service, such as replacing bridges and old overhead catenary wires on the Acela line, or laying down double tracks to better coordinate passenger and freight service. Inter-city rail service around Chicago and Atlanta, and in California and Florida, could replace short-haul jet trips.

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  1. Allan says:

    Replacing taxis???

    This “stimulus” BS makes my head explode. BTW, I have a bachelors in Finance with a minor in Economic.

    Most studies, except for the Roosevelt apologists/fans, show that Roosevelt’s policies PROLONGED the Depression. I won’t go into an econ lecture here.

    I do agree that any money that is spent would be better served to repair what has already been built. Having said that, the original agreement with the States was that the feds would pay for the interstate system and the state would maintain it.

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