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Does congress have the political will to pass HSR funding?

The more things “change” in Washington, the more they stay the same. 

With all the optimistic talk about developing some sort of meaningful High Speed Rail development,  the political insiders are still completely in the bag for the same old special interests. The plan is $100 million worth of “lip service” for sound transportation policy and more highways and bridges to nowhere.

Here is what the Midwest High Speed Rail Association says.

President-Elect Barack Obama and Congressional leaders are proposing to pass an infrastructure stimulus package during the first week of the new administration.

This is an critical opportunity to get passenger rail investments.

Investing in high-speed rail will help restructure and strengthen our economy by reducing transportation costs and bringing cities closer together.

Unfortunately, our D.C. sources say that the “marker” for fast trains is pathetically small – just $100 million.

California’s high-speed rail project alone will require at least $15 billion from the federal government. How can Congress even consider spending only $100 million for the entire nation on state-based rail investment?

We could miss this opportunity if we don’t act now.

The stimulus package could be signed into law just days after President-Elect Obama takes office on January 20th.

Act Now! Tell your Member of Congress to invest at least $5 billion in high-speed rail in the $700 billion stimulus package.

And tell President-Elect Barack Obama the same thing: at least $5 billion for high-speed rail.

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