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Al Queda planed attack on Penn Station and Amtrak NEC: OPEN THREAD

Not entirely unexpected.

CBS reports.

Your reaction. Consider this an open thread. I have turned moderation controls OFF. It’s all yours. An OPEN THREAD

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    That would be terrible!
    BTW most of the people that use Penn station every day are commuters from Long Island Rail Road and NJ Transit.
    If something happened to Penn station, it would be a nightmare for people working in Manhattan.

    For all of the federal money spent around the country for homeland security, New York City, Washington DC, and perhaps LA are by far the most likely targets.

  2. Allan says:

    Great … and the knee-jerk, overreaction would be to impose long security lines like at the airports … ok, where are the conspiracy freaks??? This must be an airline plot!

  3. Toast2042 says:

    Great, here comes the TSA to save us from 4 oz. bottles of toothpaste and suspicious looking nuns…

  4. Wil Skelton says:

    I agree with allan, It so makes since. The airports cant stand the fact that trains load and unload so head ache free. 😉 yay conspiraries.

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