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Kerry pushes High Speed Rail

Senators John Kerry and Arlen Specter have introduced legislation to provide $8 billion for developing essential transportation corridors. files the report.

The bill would provide money for tax-exempt bonds to finance rail projects which reach a speed of at least 110 miles per hour. It would include $10 billion over 10 years to fund improvements in the Northeast and California, and $5.4 billion over a six-year period for 10 rail corridors, including connecting the cities of the Midwest through Chicago, connecting the cities of the Northwest, connecting the major cities within Texas and Florida, and connecting all the cities along the East Coast.

This looks like a tremendous boost to the Midwest High Speed Rail Association. The brilliance of that proposal is that it uses existing right-of-way and can be completed in just a few years.

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  1. toast2042 says:

    Has the Front Range High Speed Corridor gained any traction lately? I read a long while ago that Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico were lobbying for the 11th designation but haven’t heard anything in forever. We’ve already started environmental studies and have a few organizations posting online (kinda) but your website seems like it would be the best place for news of this nature.

    IOW, throw a couple billion our way for trains up and down the front range into the mountains to the ski resorts. The line into the Rockies would probably pay back as much as any improvements to the NE corridor.

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