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PBS show about sprawl features California High-Speed Rail, interviews “expert”

PBS’s “Now” program is doing a series on America’s infrastructure, and last Friday they kicked it off with a piece about America’s transportation woes. It’s a short and sweet piece that ties together long automobile commutes, lagging funding for public transit, high gasoline prices, and our current financial and housing turmoil.

In relation to HSR, they highlight Obama’s support for HSR and McCain’s dismissal of anything that doesn’t have rubber tires. They bring up California’s promising vote this November, although they follow it up with an interview with James Elliot Moore, who informs us that in his professional opinion, the bonds for CAHSR would be better spent on airport infrastructure upgrades. Clearly, this is a man with his finger to the pulse of fuel prices, climate change, and land use. He then informs us that city buses should be privatized too. Because, you know, that worked out so well for the British in the 80’s. One might also look at his University of Southern California faculty profile and see that at least half of the publications listed have to do with freeways and none of them relate to rail transportation or mass transit. Was this guy really the best pick?

This gripe aside, I’d encourage you all to give the video a watch. It’s only about 25 minutes long, and it’s a well done piece.

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  1. Wil S says:

    1. The Old guy who was griping was raised with what i am calling the “concrete/ rubber/ airplane mentality”. He thinks it is the only way to invest and anything else is just stupid. 2. His system is failing. Theres not enough room in most cities to add more pavement, thus time is limited on the high efficiency rates of our roads. In some places as the PBS show points out it is already unefficient. 1-4 hours of traffic a day, there is no way i could stand that, but then again I dont have a family to take care of (so maybe I could). I just hope we havnt waited to late. I really think that if we did a major overhaul in our transportation/ infrastructure we could help turn the economy around. Thanks for the post. I look forward to watching these PBS Segements. Wil

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