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Good Morning America to broadcast from Amtrak train

In what is certainly a nifty move, ABC News will become the first news outlet to broadcast live from a moving train. As part of the network’s plan (along with USA Today) to visit each of the 50 states in the run up to the November 4th election, shows like Good Morning America will be broadcasting from a specially equipped Amtrak train. Although the ABC News site hypes up the rail aspect of the voyage, Amtrak obviously doesn’t come anywhere close to serving all the states in the union. According to Reuters, the news train will only be rolling to the New York, Ohio, West Virginia, and DC broadcasts. It’s campy, absolutely, but it’s a cool idea and it’s great to see Amtrak get publicity like this.

Apparently our ABC News anchors failed to appreciate the spacious nature of train travel:

On Monday, “GMA” anchors checked out train that will become their home next week for and reacted predictably to the train’s tight quarters — with smiles and laughter.

“Five days and we’re going be this close?” Robin Roberts joked with Chris Cuomo. “Then I’ve got one word for you — ‘Scope.'”

They would rather be living out of a cramped airplane? I suppose they were disappointed that they haven’t figured out how to put 5th Avenue apartments on wheels yet.

The journey kicks off on September 15th. It’s probably worth watching if just to see what sort of setup they have on the train.

And a big thanks to my friend, the esteemed J. Michael Winston, for this scoop.


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7 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    McCain is totally against Amtrak. This may be ABCs last chance to travel by train.

  2. Ray Bell says:

    Good Mornng America seems to be keeping a tight lid on where the train will go each day and whether or not it will stop and interview people.

    We would like to go to the Albany-Rennselaer RR station and see the train go through, but GMA is a secretive about the schedule as Joe Stalin was about his prison camps in Siberia.

    Loosen up GMA, what are you doing?

    I love GMA and Amtrak.

    Ray Bell

  3. Interesting that the crew from GMA can (in effect) buy a train to draw viewers, when most of their viewers either have access to little or no passenger rail service, or have service that is wholly inadequate. I would bet good money that the subject of this nation’s pitful passenger rail policy never comes up during the week long train ride. I hope I’m wrong.

  4. Judy Sinclair says:

    Will you be making any stops in Havre Montana? We are on the main Amtrak line and on the gateway to Glacier National Park.

  5. Ran says:

    Here’s the F40 cabbage car modified in Beech Grove to enable the mobile broadcasting:

  6. Ran says:

    Hmm, HTML not enabled, sorry. Here’s the link as text:
    Chicago, IL - Roosevelt Road -  8/20/08

  7. Lois Johnson says:

    are you coming to Minnesota…….would love to see you……Lois Johnson

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