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Wyoming, Colorado begin HSR feasibility studies

Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Rail Authority announced yesterday that they were beginning the feasibility study for high-speed rail service along the state’s Interstate 24 and 70 corridors. The goal is to get the corridor accepted as one of the USDOT designated high-speed rail corridors. This would make the project eligable for future federal funding. What does that mean in terms of getting trains on the ground? Well, not a whole lot yet, but it’s a good start for a region far from America’s traditionally rail-heavy regions.

And as we wrote back in June, any such plan would probably be done in tandem with Wyoming and New Mexico, which are both studying similar proposals.

Image credit: Rocky Mountain Rail Authority

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  1. toast2042 says:

    Please let this happen sooner rather than later! Driving up into the mountains on weekends on I-70 isn’t even worth it anymore. And driving I-25 at anytime is a pain. Too much traffic, all around. I’d be more than pleased to lay down cash and take a relaxing trip to the ski resort of my choice rather than pile into the car and “drive” (more like crawl) three to five hours (sometimes in perfectly good weather).

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