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Amtrak equipment shortage

The decades of politically inspired neglect have had a consequence, and just at the time America faces impending $6 a gallon gasoline. As has been noted here countless times before, Amtrak does not have enough rolling stock to meet consumer demand. 

The Richmond Virginia newspaper carries a generally good story about the appalling situation of the National Rail Passenger Corporation.

Amtrak’s system has about 1,500 passenger cars. They average about 30 years old, while some of the dining cars serving Virginia rail travelers were built in 1949.

“We don’t have additional equipment” to pick up a big spike in travelers, Amtrak’s Connell said.

“They’ve got a very large number of cars that are out of service . . . in need of overhaul, and they have not had the money to fix them,” said Richard L. Beadles, a member of the state’s Rail Advisory Board and former president of RF&P Railroad.

According to Amtrak, 26 percent of its passenger cars are not in good repair.

Alas, it also includes the mandatory neo-con shot at long distance trains. Darn that Amtrak! A federally funded program that provides service to people outside the exalted corridors of power and prestige. People in Arkadelphia, Arkansas have transportation needs too.

Where are our congressional Democrats?

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  1. […] be applied to any train fleet… That’s an interesting thought considering that Amtrak is desperately in need of new equipment, and that some environmentalists haven’t realized the eco-friendly potential of rail travel. […]

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